and Bayer hit a hole in one!'s 4th event in a row, this time in cooperation with Bayer and Netokracija, held on May 20th, was a success, or since we were at the beautiful Smlednik golf course, we can proudly claim it was a hole in one.

14 startups from the region presented health solutions with aim to apply for the Bayer accelerator Grants4apps:

  • Adora (Slovenia) develops a kinect based touchless document manipulation solution for surgeons during in operation. Key benefit: no need to remove gloves for  checking EHRs during sensitive lifesaving operations.
  • BioSistemika (Slovenia) develops software to support work in biotech and pharma laboratories. Solution advantage to market leader is an enhanced and better user experience.
  • Bodyrecog (Croatia) fast and  affordable measurement of body proportions for a  quick evaluation of  body and health conditions. Key benefit: applicable in a  vast variety of use cases. It is a “Columbus egg”  solution.
  • Fbcommunication (Italija) offers Interactive Monitoring Service, that helps doctors and caretakers for better control of  medications adherence and therapy. Key benefit: solves the obvious problem  patients forgetting to take medications on time.
  • Geneplanet (Slovenia) offers genetic analysis augmented with additional tests to move towards true tailor made medicine. Key difference to the key competitor 23andme: takes into account other parameters not only DNA.
  • Genialis (Slovenia) is a bio-informatics startup focused at advanced data analysis in the life sciences. Key attribute: some of the people on the team built Orange, a data analysis platform, an early data analysis tool well ahead of its time.
  • HTEC (Serbia) develops HUMEDS, a mobile system for recording and  quick analysis of cardiac arrhythmia. Key benefit: prevention of cardiac arrest.
  • Kardiobit (Slovenia) measures heart beat and blood pressure at a distance using video. Key attribute: Mindblowing.
  • Mediately (Slovenia) develops a simple app providing doctors with medications information and has been already localised in four countries. Key point: they are most beloved and used app by doctors in the world.
  • Mesi (Slovenia) develops mobile diagnostics for every physician’s office, packed in a beautiful tablet with equipment. Key moto: Go for the world Jakob!
  • Oculus diagnostika (Slovenia) is capable of predicting Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease by measuring eye movements. Key benefit: prescreen patients before sending them on PET scans.
  • Pirikom (Croatia) offers Hospital Cube, a medicine safe storage and dispensing device. Key attribute: resembles to a vending machine, with a twist -  instead of candies and  beverages, prescribed pills come out.
  • Sigyn (Croatia) already sells software for detailed dynamic monitoring of medications pricing in tens of countries to set prices in a given market. Key attribute:: already in use in Croatia and Slovenia, a proven and profitable business
  • Visifield (Slovenia)  analyses tissue imaging to assist in electroporation treatment of cancerous cells. Key benefits: helps cure cancer. 

Thank you all, first and foremost the community for the continued enthusiasm and interest, to startups for their courage to presenting their health solutions in front Ivan Brezak Brkan, the bravadoes moderator of our event, to our sponsor Bayer and its team, headed by Jesus del Valle Rosales of Bayer's Grants4Apps accelerator and Jessica Federer, who confirmed that it takes more than just money to enter the a vibrant startup community such as, to Netokracija. Last, but not least,  thanks goes to all partners teams’ of both and Bayer who have worked hard, yet fast to assure that this event was such a success.



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