Lets pave the road to a paperless hospital, let’s see why medical professionals are optimistic, let’s discuss technological disruption, look into business model innovation in healthcare, let’s discuss the utopian fantasies of open innovation,  and see what the hospital of the future will look like.'s goal is to help Slovenian health-tech startups achieve global breakthroughs. The part this conference plays is fostering collaboration in the health-tech community, starting by bringing all the people involved in the industry to the same place at the same time. By doing this we we want to introduce innovative companies to academia, researchers, doctors, nurses, hospital managers, policy makers and anyone else, who sees themselves as part of this very exciting future.

Because we value the strength of connections and see our mission in building bridges, we strive to make the events free of charge. We cannot do this without major support from companies who care about the future of Health-tech in Slovenia, regionally and globally.

Disclaimer: The 2nd conference is taking part as the 2nd day track of the 34th International Conference On Organizational Science Development organized by University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Kranj, Slovenia.

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