The event happened on  Tuesday 14th July, at Dvorni Bar.

Our event guest was Miha Novak, CEO of an established med-tech company NOVAK M, manufacturing high-quality, Red-dot awarded examination tables. The complete interview conducted by Jakob Šušterič of Mesi is available here: link.

Mr. Novak's story encouraged us that going abroad and exporting isn’t just for well-known big med-tech companies.

Participants raised many questions related to distribution channels and how to build trust and successful cooperation with a network of distributors, about shipping as well as how to organize manufacturing process cost effective, pricing, and more.

He openly shared his wrong and right business decisions and what he has learnt from them, what motivates him, what are the future opportunities.

After the official interview participants enjoyed delicious snacks with white or red wine, while they kept on talking to each other for a long time. The atmosphere was relaxed, lively and stimulating. Many have expressed the wish for more such mini events.

Thank you all for coming and a special thank you to our two sponsors, Erasmus and Health 2.0.


Event sponsors organising board is a proud new Health 2.0 chapter